Greetings, Earthlings! We are the M.A.R.S (Muskegon Area Robotics Students) Rovers. We are a non-profit FIRST Robotics organization based in Muskegon, Michigan. Our teams consists of students grades 4-12. Each season, they learn concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math, put their skills to use in constructing a robot designed to complete specific tasks, and compete with other robots around the state.

Team 4004 is our high school FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team. Each year, we have six weeks to design and build a fully functional robot from scratch with the help of our mentors, Mike Gerstweiler and Mike Reynolds. 

Team 10037 is our middle school FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) team. Each year, we must build a robot out of erector-set-like kits designed to complete certain tasks. The primary mentor for this team is Mike Reynolds.

Team 659 is our elementary school FLL (FIRST LEGO League) team. During our season, we build a robot out of LEGO Mindstorms designed to complete certain tasks on a tabletop playing field. The mentors for this team are Joseph and Amy Richards.

After a successful 2019 season, we’re currently preparing for next year’s theme, Infinite Recharge! Check out our events page for info on our annual kickoff event, and stay tuned for info on the games for the 2020 season.