FLL Team

Team 659

Greetings from the M.A.R.S. Mini Rovers

We love LEGOs, and all that they can do to keep us engaged!

We are a non-profit FLL (FIRST LEGO League) team that consists of students from Calvary Christian School and homeschool. Our season runs from August to November, where we practice imaginative thinking and teamwork. During our season we have to research a real-world problem and try to develop a solution. We also design, build, and program a robot using LEGO Mindstorms to complete a series of tasks in the game of that year. Our robot then competes alongside and against other teams on a table-top playing field.
Joseph and Amy Richards are the coaches of FLL, who are in their second year coaching this program and look forward to the season ahead!
You can learn more about FLL at FIRST’s website.